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Will 37" Tires Fit on a Jeep Wrangler JLU?

Main Will 37" Tires Fit on a Jeep Wrangler JLU?

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    Will 37″ Tires Fit on a Jeep Wrangler JLU? I don’t know but today we are going to find out and also figure out what we need to do to make them work.

    Joel Hatala

    I have a feeling this is gonna turn into a build and you wife will get the next jeep 🤣🤣


    Great Vid and great wheels. What offset are the wheels? Can you do a front on shot to see how much they poke out. Steve

    Plant-Based MD

    They will fit on street driving, but take it off road and they will definitely not fit because they will rub all over.. Do yourself a favor and get a 3.5 or 4.5 lift for those 37's


    37s on the front Dana30?

    ridge runner

    take the computer out..makes a great paper weight..8 in. lift ..gears ..lockers… 44 ers .. you know what screw it ..get a 1 ton rolling dodge cummings chassis ..throw a jeep body on and be done !!!!!

    Sue McGlinchey

    "…late shift up this hill" – sounds like an automatic. 18:35 "6 speed transmission". Could you be missing a couple of fingers on that count lol? I love your videos, thanks!

    Last Minute Travels

    Great video and very informal. Will be getting a tazer for my jl in the future.

    Garth Clark

    Those TPMS will sure cost Discount Tire some time to put the stock ones in. I hear there is a 3rd party TPMS that works but don't recall the name of them. Likely it's best to just use the factory ones. JLo looks good. Hows the acceleration with the 37's? Might want to put a couple pounds on a trailer to pull and see how she does.

    98 12 valve

    So much to love and so much to hate about new vehicles. Also I noticed a lot of weights on your rims. I have 37 13.50 r17 Toyo mt. I put 10 oz of air soft bb’s in each tire and it’s the best balance I have ever had. I know it’s a much debated topic but it works great for me and I learned it from Bleepin Jeep.

    A.W. Koonce

    Haha Matt said he doesn't like to many crazy add ons good clean looks. Have you looked at the scorpion crawler or the Comanche lately not insulting either vehicle they are absolutely gorgeous and maybe maybe they aren't the craziest builds ever but they're still pretty crazy to this guy

    Matthew Hatton

    Shoot I need to up my gears so I can get 35's. Right now with just 33's my speedometer says I'm doing 45 but I'm actually doing 50.

    Joe Garofalo II

    Why aren't headlocks DOT approved?…


    Love your build videos. Makes me really wish you had a JKU.

    hakm Ahmed

    you will need approval of your wife hahaha… regards my dear.

    My_Name_Is_ Chef

    ” it's a daily”… Puts 37in tires and hydraulic steering on it

    Gary Mowery

    Double check speed with GPS on your phone

    Brown Bear

    The lower part of the fenders are removable, just for that reason. I learned that from LiteBrite.


    I’m curious what you think when you crawl a bit in 4 Low, Without gassing it does it pull those tires ok?

    Brian Johnson

    The JKU I bought came with 16's with 28 inch tires. It took me year, but bought a set of 17 inch rims, and some 33 inch tires and it was like having a whole new Jeep. I'll go bigger in January.

    Dan Hambrick

    Audio no.7.Oh look,back door boys…lol…

    Lord Flash


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