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Will Another Transmission Finally Fix The Miata??

Main Will Another Transmission Finally Fix The Miata??

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    What did you guys think of this longer play, less edited video format? (Aside from the crap audio) Otis McDonald – Not For Nothing …


    Yess, we need to see struggle videos. Success videos motivates us to modify, but struggle videos motivates us not to give up 🙂

    Karman Kalair

    hey man, have u tried lifting the car up and then starting it, putting it into gear and reach high wheel speeds on lift. What if something is loose on the chassis side of things. it almost sounds like there a bolt hangin on a really thin sheet metal tryinna go but doesnt have room. Id say run it on a lift, get under the car one more time and use something similar to stethoscope to pin point noise

    Jarno vw

    I dont see how you are able to propely align your driveshaft on this setup. Everything is fixed, diff, trans and engine mounts. I had the same issue, fixed it by aligning the ppf, this gave the driveshaft some other angles. Id try and put some shims between the trans and trans mounts to raise it a little… Nice vid

    eddymath 97

    So how i would attack this.
    Take of the tranny and put back the startermotor.
    Start her up and rev it up, if it vibrates = flywheel / clutch
    Put back the tranny, put her in 5th gear and start her up. If it vibrates = transmission.
    Now reinstall the driveshaft til the diff but pull out both axel shafts so u just power the diff.
    Again start her up, if it vibrates now = driveshaft.
    Now connect the axel shafts, if it vibrates = diff or maybe even the brake discs?
    Now the wheels, if vibrates = wheels

    Ryan Johnson

    Old-school driveway car passion channel vids like this are my favourite, you do awesome stuff but this doesn't feel like the generic 2million sub content that is just there to make money ,this feels like talking to a mate who's wrenching after work

    Shalev Fallach

    Evey video you publish is golden, can't wait for you to solve this issue

    Elior Zeno

    so frustrated for you – rx7 the mofo


    Fuck dude, this problem sure is persistent. I'm pretty sure you already swapped the diff just in case before? If you haven't maybe try that before going full rx7.

    jay scrogs

    Yeah at this point I would break down and just put the rx7 trans

    Hayden Allen

    You could weld those nuts to the plate on the inside and then only undo the bolts from the bottom so you don’t have to pull up the carpet every time


    dude you tore it down to the clutch and didn't look for signs of misalignment as I suggested? Ok…..

    Andreas Lindkvist

    this format was really nice and fun to follow!.. nice angles and clips.. felt like i was right there under the car and could almost smell the oil and the grease! (great improvement in my opinion)

    Rick Rands

    Format was great, zero complaints. Keep us posted!

    Parker Smith

    The format was great, while I enjoy the full production videos I'd definitely be okay with more like this if it meant more Car Passion Channel!


    dude man there has to be a reason BMW uses that center support bearing.

    Luke Mills

    I like the video format, but it could use more Spongebob references IMO

    Lifestyle Garage

    Check out finnegans garage episode 57. He has some custom balancing done on his wheels. I think that might be able to fix that because traditional machines dont measure past 60

    Steven Henderson

    8:24 did you just wheel away your shuttle jack with your feet? XD

    Thomas Gifford

    Kinda sounds like throw out bearing etc noise

    Brendan Gallagher

    Re check the trans mount, it might be vibrating. check your shifter mount also.


    Longer is better

    Adam Sidelsky

    Love the format Craig, sorry the damn thing is still giving you trouble!

    Alan Watkins

    Maybe you’ve hit the resonant frequency of something and it’ll vibrate no matter how good the bearings are. I think you mentioned that originally the gearbox came with a split shaft and a centre bearing, perhaps you have to copy how it was originally done, with a centre bearing.

    Ben Schroeder

    If it means more car passion channel videos, I say go pro all the way.


    theirs no way i would not have changed that clutch…

    Josué Ríos


    Matt Morris

    been watching your vids for a while now! U make me sad 😣. It's obviously an allignment issue.

    Jacob Romero

    This is the reason I’m here. Real life videos! Keep this up Greg! About to boost my NB!

    Daniel W

    Feel for you bud you are taking it like a champ don't think I could feel the same way as you I probably would have blown that car up already.


    We are throwing a E46 6 Speed in my 400 HP EFR Turbo build . Ill let you know if ive got simular vibrations.


    I really admire your persistence

    Lukas Gilkey

    Just build an Exocet… you have all the parts and it would be way faster than the miata!


    Damn Greg! W.T.F!.. RX7 all the way my friend.

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