Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Will My Range Rover Start After Being BURIED ALIVE For 1 Year???

Main Will My Range Rover Start After Being BURIED ALIVE For 1 Year???

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    m9cky cobbs

    This is dumbest thing on you tube. That’s is it. Not ever watching your channel again


    You'll are faaar better than top gear


    Garage 54.

    Dread Penguinlord

    "Ran when buried"

    Evil Ash

    Tavarish: "burying a car is read dumb"

    Tyler Hoover, everyone…

    adrian gx

    more like a septic tank rover

    Joel Gomez

    Should’ve pulled it out with the Gladiator.

    adil Khan

    The Buick was a classic


    Bury that blue Gallardo

    Captain Zoll

    so when is youtube implementing smell-o-vision?


    Theres no way its been a year

    Automatic Quality

    Sorry to be a little blunt here, but Freddy isn't really funny is trying way too hard to be


    My range rover didn't start just sitting in the garage after I left for a week… got a used Tahoe instead.


    It’s already been almost ANOTHER year?! Wow time flies.


    Should have left that pos in the ground

    Oldstuff Man

    everything about this video is "Why?"


    That's one of the cleanest looking lift systems I've seen! Well done, and grats!


    can we get an hour long "hoovies garage intro music" video? that music is banging i must admit

    Your First House In Minecraft


    Zach Huneycutt

    Hoovie, it'd be interesting to see a video about you being a trekkie(er). I know my own kind when i see one.


    put the prius in next

    John Gerken

    Oh, that is SO gross!

    Tony P

    You should have waxed it with Nu Finish before the burial and contacted them about sponsorship.

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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