Monday, March 27, 2023

Will This Driveshaft Upgrade Finally Fix The Plagued Miata??

Main Will This Driveshaft Upgrade Finally Fix The Plagued Miata??

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    Can we get an F in the chat pls Tomorrow’s video will answer many questions, see you there! MUSIC


    Hey guys, I see a lot of great suggestions and comments here. Much of what you guys are talking about will be discussed in depth in tomorrow's video. Cheers!

    Earl E Bird

    It could be in the transmission. Have you tried running it up to speed with the shat out of it?

    Christian Challiner

    Dude i love it, dremels are the solve all 😂

    Homebuilt Racing

    Gearbox mount? Clutch? Too easy…
    It should be something that will make you remove gearbox to fix. Otherwise it's not fun ;)))

    Robert Villafan

    Have you checked your pinion angle? It could be what's wrecking your other driveshafts. Also have a look at your rear end bushings. It could have some play in it

    Jo Ro

    Sorry bro.

    A Matos


    Elior Zeno

    do not get the swap – get the walter upgrade

    Tyler Karon

    Can we all just appreciate the end of the video please?

    jerome kraft

    I can't remember if you've removed the diff damper, but they're known to come loose on high HP builds.

    Turo Fonz

    Your Doge is a true trooper, sticking by you till dark.

    Jocko Moto

    🤣 you poor guy. I’m so sorry that you have to go though all this trouble, but I’m definitely sticking around to see what it was. 🙏I’m hoping for the best for you 🤞


    Get a stethoscope dude

    boaz ovilma

    The answer is "NO", Greg. No funny clips for you. Lol.

    Dan Jones

    How do you not have a harbor freight special angle grinder lol


    Measure the driveshaft Runout.


    Have you checked the alignment of the engine compared to the diff.? It is possible your pinion angle is correct, but the side to side alignment is off. If you have a laser pointer, you can use the output shaft on the trans. and shoot the laser at the diff. It should land pretty close to center of the diff. It could be your subframe or motor mounts on the subframe are cocked. Having the angle off side to side can cause the driveshaft to bind and the bind can cause a vibration.


    Yo is this canyon run video coming any time haha

    Tanner Johnson

    What coil overs and wheels should I get for my red na Miata?


    So it's not the driveshaft. Wheels? transmission? clutch/flywheel? Diff?

    Eric Schatz



    Instead of Miata Dad I’m gonna start calling you Shaft Daddy.

    Joking aside, I hope you get it figured out.

    Gonzalo Bravo Carmona


    Just until tomorrow i guess?


    My guess is transmission output shaft bearing or differential pinion bearing damage.

    J P

    By the way, congrats on your very impressive track run in Canada – eh! Seriously, you did yourself proud.

    Chad Hutson

    that's a nice looking black shaft.


    Worst kinda of problem is the one were you have to put everything together and drive to test it. Just to take it all apart again and adjust something random and see if that was it.


    I talked with David about this the other day. As a test- put an elastic band around the metal adapter and see if that helps. My guess is it will. It’s probably a harmonic frequency that can be dampened rather than trying not to create it.

    Micah Hill

    That dremel camera shot was pretty damn good

    William M



    "It's not about the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean."
    Yeah, well it takes a long time to get to England in a row boat.

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