Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Witness the Unveiling of Toyota’s 2nd Generation Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle!

Main Witness the Unveiling of Toyota’s 2nd Generation Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle!

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    Hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles are science fiction to most of us. Toyota has been selling and leasing them to a small number of Californians for a few years …

    Rob George

    Going out on a limb and going to say that the marketing dude is going to have to simplify his vocabulary when going to educate some of the public, guessing that people who are dumb enough to think that hybrid vehicles are going to run out of range are not going to know what analogous means. 🙂


    He used the word analogous, how nice to hear it again.


    In paper this great but in real world it's totally different, if only they monitor consistently the hydrogen owner group or toyota mirai Facebook page

    Chengyou Jiang

    This is definitely the car of future, well done Toyota!!!

    Nick D.

    I knows look is subjective, but the first generation is hideous. Two thumps up for the 2nd gen………….now change the name.

    Bryant Daron

    Sorry but hydrogen isn't the future. The density on battery cars will exceed the output on hydrogen really soon. Additionally, it's much easier to recharge a battery where we have current electrical infrastructure versus having to build out a hydrogen infrastructure. Plus if you use hydrogen it will keep you shackled to their fueling infrastructure so good luck trying to get people to buy in to Chevron hydrogen when you can plug up at home with a regular plug or an adapter.

    Henrik madsen

    payed hollyday

    Paul M

    Didn’t that balloon in German have hydrogen and catch fire and people died? Waste of a good design on useless technology.

    Eric Weingartner

    Tom – Mirai = 未来, meaning 'future'. Just a little tidbit for your next review of one of these in the mirai.

    Rick James

    looks good and is rwd? wow

    Matt Finch

    Hydrogen is the way to go. All electric is just part of the journey I reckon.

    Miguel Ircontar

    It looks so good

    Randy Cockshipes

    It's looks like a truncated LS500. Quite elegant to these eyes at least.

    Tony Wellington

    that toyota employee could not be any less interested in his job

    Rick James

    Laughs in Battery Electric.

    Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Holy hell… I didn't expect that..

    Toyota well done. This is probably my favourite car in your line-up. Wow! Absolutely stunning!


    best looking Toyota….

    Kamaka Chang

    1. Commercial hydrogen gas is produced by burning fossil fuels, so it’s not clean.
    2. Here in San Diego there’s only one H2 station so 2 year old Mirais are selling for $13k, lease don’t buy.

    Ivan Vojt

    You can buy a 2016 with 30K miles for 13K. The were 17K in Jan '19.

    Ricky K

    The new one is beautiful woah

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