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Woodie Wagon craftsman collects and restores Military buyback cars | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 76

Main Woodie Wagon craftsman collects and restores Military buyback cars | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 76

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    Mike Nickels has been restoring old Woodies for several decades. Fortunately for Tom and us, he’s located right in Hagerty’s hometown of Traverse City, MI.

    Joshua Schoen

    What I would do for that 42 Packard

    xaos kuntablast

    that guy is a legend . Out done yourself again tom

    Tom Primeau

    I think this is the most smitten I’ve seen Mr. Cotter. ❤️

    Louis Green

    I’d love to work with Mike at the woody shop what a place

    Louis Green

    Mike is such knowledgeable man great episode Tom

    Grigoriy Snitsar

    It's hard work to put together a historical collection

    Dennis Sheridan

    I second that, is he passing on his expertise to someone with the same passion to restore old woodies.


    “We’ve got a clean room we paint in” lol👍awesome line

    Patrick Seals

    Maybe you shouldn’t drive the woody in the rain and snow knowing how much work and time goes into each piece. Maybe get a tin woody for the show. 🙂


    You'd really enjoy seeing what JB Donaldson is up to.

    Mark J Hickling

    Your video's are brilliant, I wish I had come across you before, I have just done a video on starting my 1951 Ford Prefect up after a 6 month break, but, no in the same class a yours, You have a new fan & subscribed, thank you.

    Skip D

    That gentleman is "one of one"!


    Owning a Woody is one of my dreams. Problem is, would have to move back to Cleveland. Orlando not the best climate for one. Akin to putting your Grandmas dining room furniture outside to rot. 1939 Plymouth is my top pick. The smell in that shop has to be intoxicating.
    JT: Orlando, FLA

    Kerry Williamson

    That was something else,incredible skill.

    Elliott Grossman

    Absolutely incredible work!!! I'm always so in awe of the older generations Craftsmen and their tricks and skills of their trades. Always cool to see the work of a true Craftsman.

    Charles Duzzie

    OMG!!!!! Never in my life have I seen or heard of anyone that does work like this. Amazing!!

    Jim Clarke

    Great show!

    fifty years

    Chrysler Town and Country sedan was a car my neighbor owned growing up, it was stunning.

    Garland Henry

    That was great !!!!

    Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS

    Now that was cool. A rare guy!

    caspers last stand me

    my father who has past away some years ago now, told me of one of his exploits while serving in the British army during the second world war, he was in signals and had to serve in India due to his mother being German by birth, he was in a camp that was supposed to have a compliment of 120 officers but for the majority of his service had less than 60, of course they conveniently forgot to mention this fact when it came to supplies allocation, specifically alcohol, American bases were dry whilst the British bases were not, on a particularly rowdy night returning from Jassore ( sorry to any Indians if i have spelt this wrong ) my father who was the designated and shall we say not particularly diligent or sober driver of a, in his words beautiful wooden army station wagon managed to drive straight off the edge of a army pontoon bridge as they crossed a river, all amazingly considering their condition got out ok and had a rather damp walk back the rest of the way to camp, shortly after however news came of a camp audit that was to be performed, what to do about an entire woody station wagon missing became a pressing matter, the plan it seemed and spoiler alert a very successful plan it turned out, was to pay a visit to an American airbase a few miles from their camp, where a deal was struck with, as my father put it 'the most American quarter master including huge fat cigar he ever saw' where upon an agreed amount of cases of gin was to be relocated, and simatainiously a military woody station wagon was to be listed as beyond repair, my father was even more impressed when the station wagon arrived painted in British markings, an unexpected and most welcome bonus, so there it is guys if you fancy a huge project, somewhere in northern India there is perhaps a old station wagon at the bottom of a river waiting to be exhumed lol :).

    dewey dodo

    The skill of this person would be terrible to loose in the old car hobby .

    Salman Khan

    Great video, Thanks for sharing Tom👍

    Robert Pilcher

    What an awesome craftsman! Nice visit!


    Can use this to haul away the CCP infiltrators.

    graham smith

    Can I ask a stupid question? Why would it be necessary to build a car from wood? Was there a shortage of steel or a surplus of trees? Morgan cars in the Uk used to fabricate a lot of the car from Ash I think but it cant be cost effective? Please explain, someone.

    Deo Persad

    That's awesome thanks awesome car's and projects and all the stuff to do it, I want to a replica but it will be different, BUT don't have the tools maybe later 👍🏾👍🏾

    Ashish Gunjal

    Will always be a dream to drive a woodie and find such treasures


    better weather = the woody comming out, huh odd to think that older cars during the war were brought buy the milarty and then painted up in that army green that is kinda cool plus i love that packard, that woody ambulance if the guy who owns it is intrested we've got some streachers that are period, okay they have london on them but there from the 40's there for sale and would look good in there, may or may not fit if the guys willing to come and pick them up, its a shame that by the mid 50's the woody cars were gone and most rotted away in the 80's when no one wanted them i love them but i wouldn't want to own one though,


    Is there a part two?


    Wasn't it Henry Ford that said "You can have any color you want, as long as its black"

    Mr. Goodwrench

    Thanks for such a good video. Not only was his collection, work projects, personal cars, workshops, and parts rooms a must see, he himself as an individual is very interesting. Mechanics and automotive restorers like myself need to speak with and listen to these guys and draw from them what they are willing to share. I've just recently joined the AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America). It's good fellowship and camaraderie as well as a knowledge give and take experience.

    John Schutt

    Great! Thanks.

    Elaine P

    I hope he’s thinking about whose going to take over when he passes. I’m sure there’s are some younger generations who loved to learn.

    Aa Bb

    love watching this episode probably as much as you loved taping it. This woody stuff is so cool.


    Brusselton or Busselton? Gonna keep an eye out for that beauty.

    los Angeleno

    I could pile a bunch of boards in da woody's for Malibu.

    Spencer Gorringe

    Another great show Tom . If Mike Nickels does wood , Does Mike Wood do nickel plating ? 😁

    Morgan Adair

    No matter where you go.. most say this is the last one…. as far as we know!! Very nice

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