Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Work x Illiminate Meister S1 is on the GTR! (1 of 1 wheel)

Main Work x Illiminate Meister S1 is on the GTR! (1 of 1 wheel)

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    My 1 of 1 Work Meister S1 3 piece wheel is on! I loved the Blitz 03, but it’s time for some change. What do you guys think? Let me know down in the comments …


    Didnt even watch the vid already hit like lol.


    Needs a pandem kit now 😉


    OH. MY. GOD…

    ꧁༺꧂ Nate Higgers ꧁༻꧂

    Sell it on ebay my boi!

    marx chong

    And That what we called rims..

    Christian Panda

    Give luke the blitz‼️‼️‼️‼️

    Na’im .jpeg_917

    Put the 03 on the drift taxi

    rotary mania

    Dame cars look sick man

    Ryan Yee


    Jean-Pierre Venter

    Rules of the work x illiminate colab competion give away.
    Is it for USA only or may international people such as myself, South Africa, enter?

    Shadrach Sandi

    Pandem the r32 gtr

    Vannara Tep

    What happen to the Honda 2000


    Needs work x illiminate center caps next👀


    the best wheels ever in my opinion. looks great. Congrats Randy


    put the blitz's on the sedan 😯

    Carlos A

    the r32 looks so sick with the new wheels 😍🔥

    garrett Smith

    Vu’s car looks like something you’d make on gta lol

    Jose Lara


    Abraham Rios

    Do a giveaway with your old wheels!

    Marco Lopez

    Im actually in Hawaii right now 😂

    Sebastian Bachez

    Tbh Randy, I remember in a video long time ago, you said you wanted to get more HP soooo bro rip out that RB and build it at least the basics


    How long approx till I get my order? I ordered! Hope I win hehe


    I forgot to sign up for the emails and i bought 2 shirts how do i get my entries do i need to do a refund and buy it again ?

    Boosted Black Kid 14

    Sell them to me!!!!! 💯 down

    Christian Bamba

    can i jus drive to san jo to hang out wit yall. vallejo aint that far from san jo 😭😭


    NY meet anytime soon?


    these wheels definitely fit the car better 😍


    Am I the only one who fucken hates that they don’t put the center caps on any of there damn wheels ?

    Out of Cornbread

    Everyone likes rap snacks

    Carlos Rivera

    What tires are those??

    OtisTube Vlogs

    Bro what cámara are you using? Looks clean

    Mitchell Fahy

    You should of done night rollers


    3:01 that’s so fuckin cool how you can see the glow in the dark because the cameras blocking light

    Night Spirit AutoWorks

    Very nice.
    Let us get that Illiminate sponsorship lol

    Felipe Hernandez

    When’s the turbo coming?


    Congrats man i been wanting these for a minute for my z! they look super fire


    Welcome back to the channel, where we film Luke do pretty much everything. Get out Luke, and make your own channel homie

    Clayton Pham

    12:27 LMAO

    Rudy Fuentes

    Randy always putting WORK on every upload and congratulations Randy 🤘🏼

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