Saturday, March 25, 2023

WORLDS FIRST IRP Shifter Retrofit on a BMW Transmission Swapped Miata | [Install & Review]

Main WORLDS FIRST IRP Shifter Retrofit on a BMW Transmission Swapped Miata | [Install & Review]

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    irpshifter #miata Them: “you won’t go all out” Me: “bet” MUSIC Otis McDonald – Not For Nothing …

    Trunks Briefs

    I am pretty sure that shifter says: Guregu-san, go get an NC, onegaishimasu.

    Moose _26

    Bananas, best thinking food.

    Turbot Probed

    Nice job, I'd cut up an old mudflap off a truck or something to cover the hole.

    Joshua Nawrocki

    The reason it gets hard to put into gear under quick shifts is due to the synchros, that's why short shifters have the bad rep of blowing synchros. Easy way to not blow the synchros is slow shifts, either that or learn to double clutch.

    Hope this helps someone

    Sitha Puth

    Glad you're back into the car.. GREG.. and safe home from MATG


    Am I the only one who thinks the incar footage is sped up?

    Jesus Hernandez

    1000 IQ when he came up with the holes 😂

    Dillon Roundy

    "Oh god, what did I drop?"
    Story of my life with my NB1.

    Rob Staudigel

    Started dying when you said "welp, hope no one from the authorities hears that one"

    Great stuff! Keep it up!

    Austin Grubbs

    And I'm over here still missing 3rd in my 5 speed…

    Daniel Ibrahim

    Boys, we alone 8k subs away from that silver plaque and getting Greg closer towards full time YouTuber at 300k subs. Let’s get him there!


    This sound level inside, can you drive it for more then 20 minutes? I had bad (whining) differential, and this shit was killing me after half an hour.


    When are we getting that diff swap video Craig?


    hope you get that ref-situation figured out. I would love to see Matt Farah do a onetake of your car.

    Niccolo Rojas

    I will like your videos every time you say miata-dad lmao

    Squid Girl

    Dude, you have to get rid of that oem console now that you have that sick shifter, grab one of those jass performance shorty consoles, or circular ring ones.

    Tyler Hunt

    but where’d the fire extinguisher go at 12:25

    Dale Abono

    Wife is all "eat your dinner, it's gonna get cold".
    "Hold on, carpassionchannel has a new video….."
    Seriously good stuff, and I'm not talking about dinner.
    I hope you can keep us updated on the ref thing. Thanks for the video!

    Robert Eley

    Just recently got to LA for work, first time being on the west coast, and I can not believe how much I agree with you talking about the heat.. most of the cars I've owned had either had no A/C or I've taken it out, I wouldn't want that in LA..

    BigBoy MV

    Life style of the fox.

    worms garage 17

    Omg you saved the cup holder yessssss

    Laith Almas

    Could have just made an aluminum offset bracket with a small piece of aluminum, a drill and some taps. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    matthew everett

    You constantly tinkering and adding stuff to your Miata is really helping me with the shopping list for when I eventually get mine.


    I want the PewDiePie shift knob 😭

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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