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    Support and get a sticker pack! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Will krywicki

    Oklahoma is boring as fuck not gonna lie.



    CokeBoy 420

    Do a weed vid

    george bercharlie

    u ever get the chance stop at lousville megacaverns.

    MJT Outdoors

    You got tow/haul enabled for ur truck?

    That_E36_ Duuddee

    If you come to Nebraska definitely have to come to Omaha or Lincoln, good places to go fuck around

    Brennan Fogle

    Rember when u changed the trans in the miata and u took a shower at the gas pump

    Ardnaglew Auto Repair

    chris why you acting like a lil bitch lately. grow a pair big fella you have a handy life

    die warlock

    Smoke weed every day!

    No mask oN

    @RicerMiata haha i was gonna say bro took me like 2-3 days towing my accord out from Melbourne Florida To my new place out in Colorado. fuckin terrible drive for sure with all the semi trucks flying past. Im up in the Front Range of the Mountains called Evergreen we have one of the tallest roads going up a 14k mountain called Mt Evans would make a hell of a video and i got some good bud if you do decide to stop by! i drove my honda accord up it was one of the most fun and best scenery ever for car shots but was damn scary… Bucket List type thing for sure.

    Action Nickson

    Ol’ chapped lip rudnik

    Daniel Lofton

    Bruh ain’t nothing out here in Mississippi 🤦🏻‍♂️ ignore my shit state

    LetsPlay Gaming

    Full Send in Colorado!

    ekgreen bean


    jzerocoole channel

    Rock Oklahoma but people usually die at that party out in the woods…. also casino… street racing is good also lol


    washing his hair right at the gas pump. Move to the side homie! lol. People are going to be standing in your greasy hair water.

    Abel Rodriguez

    Did this guy make it or not there's no video up

    Jamie Mann II

    Deleted and tuned will bump up your mileage

    assmonkey garage

    Weed video for sure 😂

    Drake Herman

    Do the review

    low life srt4

    For sure a weed vedio!!! It will make the shitty trip up worth it. That and drifting hope you get the trans figured out.

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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