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Wow the 2020 GT500 IS A WHOPPING 4,225lbs! *Here’s Why*

Main Wow the 2020 GT500 IS A WHOPPING 4,225lbs! *Here’s Why*

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    Jozer SS

    The Mustang is a Muscle/pony car not a heavily track focused car , it’s supposed to be fast in a straight line like the Challenger while being able to do turns on occasions

    Soultrain 440

    Woah guys, you're into Charger/Challenger weight!


    Where's the link to Evan's channel? Wait, I found it. Sorry.


    The reason it’s so over priced….besides 10k for stripes…apparently ford has decided to sell this car by the pound..

    Christopher Robin

    I think it way too heavy! But I'm sure you'll find ways to lighten it for the track!

    Paul Siegel

    Reg cab v8 f150 roush charged with brake upgrade for me the gt500 is stupid expensive no thanks


    That is like towing another car compared to the 3300 lbs the new C8 corvette is. No wonder the new vette is doing a quarter mile under 3 seconds. Ford Mustangs are the size of a boat, a large family boat that weighs 5000 lbs almost. Soon Ford will announce zero sales and closure of the Mustang OR make a mid engine mustang like the old MACH2.

    Quentin Johnson

    Chevy wins again #Camaro

    Quentin Johnson

    That's horrible 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    2020 Mid Engine Corvette with a ZL1 package, dual-clutch, and Magnetic Ride for 67K why the fuck would anyone buy the overpriced pig of the GT500???


    Who cares, it won’t sell C8 Corvette for the win


    I like my Stroker 2v mustang weight at 3,000 pounds

    Big block stang

    Just gut all that air bag sht ,stereo sht and any other plastic garbage.install roll bar 1 race seat and good to go like a real mans car was in the old days.a 65-8 mustang days is a real mans car. 2600# car and yes throw a nice little coyote in it .and don't need them freekin giant ass brakes to stop half the weight either. But we have such a wuss generation that have to have all the modern electronics.gps. and all this crap that will be nothing but sht down the road. Oh well as long as idiots can get financing to buy these over priced cars ,theyll keep making them. Oh yeah and didn't have to pay 2 farms to own one.

    A. Wheeler

    you better cut down to 160 for this stangmode to make up for the thic rotors

    Invincible Rage

    To be honest for the weight and price of the 2020 GT500, I would rather buy a 2020 Mustang GT. And modify it with the rest of the money leftover from the 2020 GT500 price. I would destroy the 2020 GT500 and the new 2020 C8 Corvette. I could make it lighter with carbon fiber parts, more powerful with twin turbos, and faster around a track with the right suspension and tires. Plus, it's manual. Making it more fun to drive and control when racing.


    Y’all not paying attention to what ford is doing,for this car to run it’s test the way it does with the 0-100-0 speed being the best as of now,just wait after the release the weight reduction on this car alone is going to be dangerously faint

    Paul Brennan

    Hey the bottom line is that it’s a AWSOME POWERFUL CAR 😎😎😎😎!

    Tim Kline

    If you build a car that weighs over 4,000 lbs.. Don’t bother with ANY carbon fiber! Major disappointment..


    I'm to buy a gt500 some one tell me how

    Aaron Sorensen

    Ha ha.
    Idiot kept telling people not to buy a Corvette over a GT 500.
    Yep, bite your tongue.

    Michael Ketcham

    Having owned a supercharged S550 and a Hellcat as long as the GT500 makes good torque you really wouldn't notice the heft power wise anyway. That was probably the biggest thing I noticed right off the bat driving both cars.


    Dont forget steel chasis

    Larry Ford

    Another let down by Ford. 2+ Tons……


    lol fat pig GT500

    Samson Reynolds

    People who are surprised don’t understand cars and production of cars.

    Dillon Alexander

    I just Google by 08 highlander and it between 3,979 to 4,321 lbs. My guess is those numbers are for 2, all wheel drive and 3rd seat. But 4225 Mustang that's not on a solid steel frame? No wonder it needs all that horse power.

    P Gray

    That thing needs a diet!


    DAMN FORD!!!! Did y'all get the Raptor's weight mixed up with the GT500😆


    Cars keep getting heavier and heavier, cmon Ford offer us a stripped down version with only ac and a basic radio, nothing else and anything not needed for forward power take it out!!!!! If you dropped that motor in a lx foxbody omg it would be insane, its all about physics man….a lighter car with less hp will beat a heavy car with a lot…… to catch the light car it takes like triple the hp to move heavier car same speed…… but all in all the gt500 will run no doubt and be a fun kickass reliable car……..

    i saw what you did

    The more I hear about this Car, the more I feel I’m gonna stick with the GT I have ,
    The 2020 GT500 is without a doubt gonna be a awesome car , and I’ll be following it , but for the $30,000 above Sticker that I was quoted on Wednesday,
    I’ll take half of that Cash and put into my GT and have a shit eating grin on my Face.
    It still won’t be a Gt500, but it won’t have a
    $120,000 price tag after Tax either.

    Kevin Torres

    That’s the weight after drivetrain loss tho….

    ebn hahn

    StangeMode, With your contacts at FORD, you should start a request to Ford Motors to give us an all new Mustang with Aluminium sub frame and Aluminium body panels. This alone should drop the Mustang weight to around 3500 pounds and truly become on par with the Corvette. The Current Mustang has reached its limit I think.


    What do you think happens when you add Twin Turbo or Supercharger to your car…then you haven't really upgraded your Cooling??? The Fiat Products aren't deigned to go to Empty! Quality Engineering is worth it. 850+ HP Gross and I'm assuming the GT500 is Gross weight! That's loaded weight! Put it on a scale! The S550 was claiimed to be 4000 Lbs and came in at 3650 bare GT! You figure it out!!!!

    Eric Hayes

    So what if the new Shelby Gt 500 Mustang weighs in 4250 lbs minus a driver it's not like every purchaser are going to transform it into all race car. At the end of day don't weight, don't buy car.

    X Rated

    GT500 still won’t beat the Demon on the drag strip🤷🏽‍♂️

    Mr.G-Low D

    She's a pig!!! 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓More like the New GT5000 lb 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    oolou04 Cobra

    its def a COW!!! im sticking to my GTtreefiddy at 3,700 and + poundies 🙂


    The Zl1 has 11 heat exchangers vs 6 heat exchangers that is on the 2020 GT500 and still weighs less. Ford really screwed up on this GT500. Horrible marketing, low torque output , 5 year old headlights, expensive price tag and now weighs like a Boat. This GT500 is gonna get raped by the C8 and the red eye. Thank God I didn't order a new GT500

    Josh Winters

    Honestly the car will not have a chance on a track with turns compared to the zl1 1le. Even with the ridiculously overpriced carbon aero. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in complete denial.

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