Saturday, March 25, 2023

WRECKED Audi R8 Driving and goes to the Frame Shop!

Main WRECKED Audi R8 Driving and goes to the Frame Shop!

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    It’s Manny
    Loris Foucart

    The new music hits different

    Aaron Coleman

    Love the background music 🎧


    Yo teej, sometimes when working with steering knuckle etcs, make sure they are torque to spec, even a little difference will make it loose over time

    kshitij tulsian

    What about the crack on the firewall

    All Star Drivers MPLS 952

    It has a bad rear right axel

    Kai Woods

    Why does that car make Kevin look so tiny

    Kurt Andrei


    Larry Cockrell

    Imagine waking up knowing you have a garage full of cars you've built and get to drive. That's the dream I have, The Audi looks good so far TJ, Hope Sabrina is doing well and stay safe man !

    stephen bartels

    Is the input shaft binding up?

    Haydenisbrad _

    Never use this music again


    much love to all of hunt and co and throtl, these are tough times but all nearly 2 million of us are praying for sabrina

    Ricardo Azenha

    TJ hunt … " air suspension is LIT !" also TJ Hunt " every air suspension car he has, full of air pump noises and sensor problems ….

    Aryan Zahir

    Hey Teej, just saying that always wearing a hat can cause baldness

    Patrick Pirszel

    Please release those shirts haha


    the music is 🔥🔥💯


    Are there no
    torque wrenches available in the US? Every single bolt has a torque spec from the manufacturer.

    Mr Z

    When you let your baby sit on your lap and handle the steering wheel .. calv


    He’s so tiny



    Jordan Harrington

    It’s for sure a blown axle bc when I blew my axle on my Mazda 3 it sounded just like that


    Love seeing the midget guy kelvin in the vids!

    Caden Stewart

    So we’re not gonna talk about the datson before he gets in the Supra

    Senior cortezz

    6:55 kalvin looks like a five year old driving a car because there’s no seat 😂

    DeV ZA

    Loving the new stryle Teeg <3 it's honestly inspiring me start my channel up again:P Maybe once I get my new car 🙂

    imiloa waipa

    “Keep moving forward”???

    Scott Stallworth

    Tj with the banging time laps music, an sending positive vides yalls way.

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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