Monday, March 20, 2023

Wrecked my No Coast Drift Car…

Main Wrecked my No Coast Drift Car…

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    NEW MEXICO IS WILD!!! I had so much fun being a part of everything and hanging with everyone that my “vlogging” kind of took the back burner, but I still did my …

    W W

    Was Walter White at the event?

    MO Scott

    Just a casual 360 into an entry….


    Bro, NM aint that far and this looks lit. Def coming out next year.

    Andrew Karam

    when did he do that 360 in the video?? I want to see the onboard of that 360


    If your burnout car isnt supercharged its not a burnout car


    That should be called Drift Wars

    John Ramon

    You the man just for shouting out Bucee's

    Liam Young

    I miss bmx the Occasional drift car videos were awesome but like I just miss where are you only did bmx

    olarte trans

    bring back the BMX Adam!!!

    Lucid King

    Please buy me a 2013 frs🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 so I can follow in your footsteps

    Zac /Wonka

    Adam needs to build a Z31 or Z32


    Well……drifting is just about the stupidest thing ever done with vehicles.

    Daniel Pearson

    I rate the decision for an rs6 advant but c'mon you've got eyes estates in the US and they're so much better…


    This shit lit lmao

    Ping G

    Where is this?

    Austin Good

    Yeee, Z31 gang

    Martin Sedillo

    “I want another burnout car” I have a cheap 350z and I live in Albuquerque if you wanted 😁

    Bruno Valverde

    Lmao cool water ballons

    Boslla Lighting

    Wild & Freedom

    Richard Seadon

    Yes adam do burnout build would love to see that

    Aditya barran

    Where’s nicole


    Adam go home to your house and your shop u live in florida right the hurricane dorian is going there I looked it up I thought I just let u know 👍

    Samurai John

    Boiiiiiii, No coast looks so much fun.

    BKRacer FPV

    Really Adam?? lmfao !!

    Casey Scott

    glad I got to help get you back on track! Definitely rad getting to weld stuff for my heroes Dan and Adam!!

    Isaiah Martinez

    Who else is in Albuquerque

    Quinlan Follett

    Super rad event. Saturday night was insanity.


    Wicked 360°


    that altezza was cutting some serious shapes damn

    Michael Beals

    New mexico always goes hard when it comes to cars you should see the street races. Cant wait till you come back visit Santa fe next year look up zozobra

    Mychael Bell

    Worst part about this video was that Burger King forgot my Hershey sundae pie… other than that great video for the lunch break 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🌶🔥


    You should've went way bigger on those condoms lol

    Rick Rothstein

    No bar out on the 360?!?!… lol


    everything is a quick fix with a welder 😂😂

    Codey And Cars

    Keep that thang on you. I keep Trojans

    Riley McMaster

    These events look like sooooo much fun, wish I had stuff like this around me!!

    james macallister

    Looks like a badass time


    I bet cleetus is a better sxs bogger than you…

    Eric Dunn

    Peep the yellow Miata and the bus! The bus holds two miatas in it it’s too sick!

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