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XJ TDI Swap Part 2: Adapter, Flywheel, Clutch

Main XJ TDI Swap Part 2: Adapter, Flywheel, Clutch

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    At this point I have the engine roughed in for fitment, I’ll talk about some of the clearance issues and go over the adapter I am using, the flywheel, clutch and …

    Eric Black

    I want to do this to my 01 Limited. Best XJ mod ever.

    Conrad Aach

    If the race pipe eliminates the anti shudder valve, you run the risk of not having diesel run-on protection. Happened to me once with an ancient turbo when the seals blew. Anti shudder saved the engine by closing at redline. Drove the car home in fact.

    adam parker

    Is the an adapter for the jeep 4.0 Automatic transmission


    i am so doing this


    I did not see the 1st part due to time constraints but am really liking this. Lots of detail on a conversion like this is a good thing. I'll really pay attention as I have a couple of CJ's collecting dust at the moment. Of course my YJ is the opposite end of the spectrum with a 5.2 swapped in. And, ahead of time, I have 3 Grandsons so nothing is for sale. Sorry


    Excellent work. Great addition to the BleepnJeep Family. ๐Ÿ‘

    David Schilling

    Did you have to modify your transmission mounts at all? Or were you able to just move the motor and keep all of that the same?

    Lance Hamilton

    Keep up the good work! The audio is better in this video too!

    Greg W

    Love you as an addition to the Bleepin Jeep Family!


    slider bolts a a girls best friend when stabbing the trans

    Jeremy Sammons

    I'm still digging it….

    mark demieville

    Putting a Mark on the flywheel bolts is for torque to yield bolts. Torque them to spec, paint a line on the bolt and another at 90 degrees on the flywheel. Then turn the bolt to Lin up the lines. It ensures proper clamping force and bolt stretch.


    good stuff,
    but way more reasonable to get normal v8 with propane conversion !!

    Dhane Friedman

    Jonโ€™s a solid addition to the bleepin jeep crew, keep up the good work fellas, canโ€™t wait to see more of this project ๐Ÿ‘Œ


    Would you please do a very in depth wiring video(s) to show that aspect fully? That for me is the most intimidating…

    Ramon Pagan

    Si There a auto version of the swap

    Roger Smallwood

    TDI swap for my samurai would be great


    really loving these tdi swaps

    Brian Johnson

    Jon this is awesome

    Dan Hambrick


    Matthew Hatton

    I'm ready to see that beast on the trail! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    My_Name_Is_ Chef

    What a coincidence. I just started researching this swap. I want to do it to my xj

    Justin Lounsbury

    maybe i'm missing something, but why do this swap? is it just to say "i has diesel" or what? specs on the 1.9l are a decent bit lower than the 4.0l in both hp and torque. why not just go FI with the 4.0l and actually get more power?

    freeze plug

    can you pull a engine out of a manual 1999 jeep cherokee and put it in a 1999 jeep cherokee with automatic transmission both engine 4.0 liter 6 cylinder.

    steve bucuris

    That starter is awfully close to the heat from that turbo.

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