Monday, March 20, 2023

Yard Kart Racing SHOWDOWN | Shifter Kart vs. E85 212!

Main Yard Kart Racing SHOWDOWN | Shifter Kart vs. E85 212!

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    Video Sponsored by Ridge Wallet: Use Code “CARS10” for 10% off your order We took two of our fastest small go karts out to a …

    The Protagonist

    Really enjoyed this video guys, better luck next time Ike 😄

    K Z

    tell mike set up track n have john n Issac race agint each other n tell mike you did awesome jobs have john issac come by n do race n video recording


    Hope you let Mike and Ross have a go on the karts


    What an epic day out, your mates place is wild.
    What i enjoy is Issac goes full-on from get go and John works up to it, who needs a work out when riding one of those for hrs

    Aj Lauzon

    John, dude, you have knobby tires and Ike has slicks. How can you even begin to call that a win? Unfair advantage. Ur still a cool ass dude though I forgive you, hahaha!

    John Charsha

    That kid had a blast!! And knows he can fight dirty on his land.😃 love the grip on she 5 speed and the e-85 block is mint..

    Aj Lauzon

    Damn Ike!!!! You're a damn good driver buddy some of those drifts were HUGE!!

    Anthony Quintanilla

    That would be an amazing day. Freakin awesome!

    Kolby Flathers

    I want the manual cart I buy

    Josh Graves

    You must have some bad wiring connections somewhere. I've never seen cdi's burn so often.

    manuel martinez

    awesome fun

    Skyline and Things

    Build a Burn out cart

    Aaron Simpson

    Next race should be the shifter kart vs the buggy

    Smoke Break Mechanic

    That was intense. Flying thru those trees like that looked like so much fun I'm jealous lol

    David Reynolds

    You need to fix up that bridge lol.

    Beverly Meadows

    really bout fun not who wins if can't tell they just make it thing so people chim in on or choose sides on who win lol an cars an cameras guy y'all need get on with grind hard plumbing they can show y'all how get power down an keep it now off on karts shouldn't be cutting off that much no matter how hard you ride them mine never does an it just stage three predator with all workings posy track an can get it

    Beverly Meadows

    got get a speedometer for sure so we can see what them bad boys are running I'll get them on the street just for a little bit even if it is illegal so we can see what they can actually do cuz I know that Shifter Kart is hauling ass

    Beverly Meadows

    what's shifter kart topping out at I can see sixty or way better just by camera view so I bet it fucking moving

    king of the world

    monster truck vs the kid.

    Gabriel Gonzalez

    And Issac man you miss the bridge LoL

    Gabriel Gonzalez

    That was an amazing race love it

    Ron Hughley

    Awesome video

    Robert G

    Hang in there Ike! When you get to be the "old fart" in the crew, those darn kids will pick on you all the time. LOL

    Matt Taylor

    thanks for setting a good example and wearing your helmets! love the videos

    modified unlimited

    Very cool guy's awesome to see you guys having a great time 🙂

    kyle morgan

    Next time yall go to busco beach I'd love to do a line up with the cross kart and my rzr 900 she's got snorkels so no need for "ac" I would love to see yalls reaction to riding it through snorkel pond 😂

    No Real Expert

    Doesn't look like poor Isaac had much fun in this one.

    Ron Hughley

    Damn with the swapped tires he left ike in the dust off the start.


    That cart would be faster if you weren't running it lean.. Up it to 30% larger of a jet than the carb came with and watch what happens. Every time you increase the air flow you need to increase the jet accordingly. Going from a 22mm to a 26 increases your air flow, yes the jet is bigger than the 22mm jet but it is still giving you more air.. If it will fit try putting that drilled out 26 mm jet in the 22 and watch what happens.

    Alex Hardenberg

    Should have had the 900

    Isaac&crystal lucero

    @ 2:09 JOHN Looks like a giddy little school girl so excited LOL


    Man that looks like fun.


    You guys should look into quarter midgets for suspension ideas.

    N English

    You guys should really do something about that death stick before you get stupid hurt.

    Grant Klingensmith

    I love your builds and watch your videos every day


    Driving competitions should be held against equally skilled drivers.

    Jeepsterdaddy 37

    If you ever come to Oklahoma, I have a bitchin course on my property you guys would love to shred! I'm live in Claremore. About 20min NE of Tulsa.

    Sean Booher

    Wouldn't be a CnC episode without Ike crashing something… 🤣


    Classic old school carsandcameras and it was awesome!!

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