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Your Email: The best reasons to order factory GPS navigation in your new car | Cooley On Cars

Main Your Email: The best reasons to order factory GPS navigation in your new car | Cooley On Cars

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    Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto are pretty compelling and save you money, but here are some solid reasons why factory nav can still be a compelling …

    Pie 4life

    Might as well just force people to buy everything or nothing package go big or go home


    Should we buy Uber stock?


    Toyota Entune -> horrible navigation, but having the maps always available is great. The address input is terrible, the passenger can't even input an address while the driver drives and the interface is not intuitive (especially if you are accustomed to Google Maps or even Mapquest). I haven't seen an option to avoid tolls. The path isn't always that great. It sometimes can't even give directions to the address you type in. Even with a giant 12" screen for navigation, we just use a little android phone because as basic as I can put it -> it just works!

    Mightbe Sherwood

    Or: used car, new iPad.


    I have a 2013 Accord and the navigation sucks. I'll look for the nearest chain restaurant and it will give me one in another part of the country. It is absolutely horrible for giving traffic volume information, only on highways and a very thin and barely even noticeable red line for heavy traffic and sometimes you can't see it at all. Leave these things to Google and partner with them, Honda.


    i believe in the year 2010 all new cars started to have touchscreen navigation

    Christopher Sutter

    One feature that my 2010 for fusion had was like dead reconning, when gps signal was weak or unavailable such as parking garages, tunnels and the lower deck of the SF Bay bridge. My then alternative standalone Garmin would stop navigation but the built in nav would still give me the distance to next turn based on the speed and compass direction the vehicle was travelling ( very helpful on the Oakland side of the Bay bridge as you had several interchanges in short order after exiting the bridge)


    Road tripper here.

    If you do road trips longer than 4hrs get navigation. Why? Because phone apps crash once you are out of cell phone range. They can also loose track of you at times.

    Also having 2 maps (your phone and the Navi) might help when looking for stuff. One zoomed in while the other is zoomed out. Helps for areas you are not familiar with.


    I was shocked when my 2015 Hyundai Genesis got an update you could download yourself and update using a usb stick at home. My '18 Elantra has android auto and apple carplay with no nav at all. Android auto works fine for that when needed

    RedLight GreenArrow

    Factory GPS Still improves Apple CarPlay. Instead of using the GPS in the phone, it’ll use the one in the car, even when using car play.

    Derek G. Weber

    In our i3 we ignore the built in Navi in favor of a cell phone and waze. In our model 3 … built in google maps all the way

    Craig Merkey

    I am the other way… I prefer the Sync 3 maps but when my phone is plugged in it is overridden =( … first world problems

    Doc Will Joe

    It's all good

    Jerry Oswald

    Avoid Android as Google will record your voice and store the files attaching them to your Gmail.
    Anyone that gets access to your Gmail will have everything you said or App you used since 2012.

    Steve W

    I recently took a 3,000 mile round trip with my '17 Lexus ES350. Thebuilt in NAv system took me 200 miles out of my way requiring an extra night on the road and an unnecessary $20 in tolls. When you are far from home you have no choice but to rely on the NAV. I am old school and don't have a smart phone.

    R Barnhart

    Factory GPS's suck. Other than those like Tesla that use Google Maps


    I still think this area could be the next "oil change" for car makers. But the key would be to make something that doesn't suck, is cost effective, constantly getting better, and easily integrated and interchangeable (hint, if it takes more than an our or requires rewiring, it's no good)


    When I go back and watch old Cooley On Cars episodes, I really only care about his opinion on how the car drives. I could care less what kind of tech is in a 2009 toyota 4runner. Im just going to use my phone. WE WANT COOLEY DRIVING CARS AGAIN.


    Bought a Mercedes C300 for my wife that had a navigation prep package. I asked what it would cost to make it work, they said $850 for a micro sd card. I checked Amazon, bought the Mercedes card for $185, plugges it in and it works great.


    My Garmin does all kinds of nice navigation, and is also spot on as to speed. Manufactures habitually exaggerate that, which has bugged me for decades.

    Nick Phillips

    I purchased an Accord EX-L V6 new in 2016 and love the car, my only true objection with this vehicle [and Honda in general] is that the Accord would have cost me almost $3,000 more to have built-in Navigation and I thought that a waste of money considering that the car does have Android Auto & CarPlay, therefore, I could use my phone and have the Nav map displayed in the dash — the issue is having to wire my phone [through USB] to the car, which is a hassle. Because the phone will Bluetooth to the car for "talk", it is disappointing that I cannot Bluetooth the phone to the car for Navigation.

    Flare Arrow

    Dependent on who is your cell carrier and where you drive, there can be many times you'll be in some dead zone where phone GPS will not work.

    I've driven on many road trips and been in many areas where there has been no cell service. Having in car NAV is a nice security blanket.

    Mazda offers NAV in a good way. You can purchase their cars without NAV, and later add it on by purchasing and inserting the SD card map database

    Jameel Ja

    Agreed, in-built navigation is useless.
    Thumbs-up Renault and Volvo.

    William Zhao

    Phones don’t work well on tunnels like the big dig close to you in Boston.


    i cant find android auto on play store … im going back to iPhone ….

    coalie roller

    If its a nav japanese car, I will give it a pass. But if it a idrive, mmi or comand, then I will take it

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