Monday, March 27, 2023

Zero F*%ks Given TESLA PICKUP TRUCK: EV West’s Electric Madhouse

Main Zero F*%ks Given TESLA PICKUP TRUCK: EV West’s Electric Madhouse

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    Feast your eyes on the tuning shop of the future. Gone are driveshafts and gas powered anything; the psychos at EV West are chucking Tesla powerplants into …


    Fun fact: EV West built and published this "Truckla" before Simone Giertz built and published her version. Check the dates when either of their Instagram posts went up. Ironically, we filmed this episode the day she uploaded her video! Anyway, props to Simone for her rad build (which you can see here: BUT, these boys did it first.

    Hyphy Husky

    pontiac fiero ev build!!!

    Jamie Johnston

    Dan can build anything

    Jamie Johnston

    You guys need a electric drag car

    Andersen Schuck

    I’d love to see more EV converted hooning. I’ve got an e21 bimmer with a Nissan leaf conversion mostly done that would be sick to slide around Irwindale. It’s here in SoCal – just need a place to finish it up. Garage garage?

    Chaz Hawkins

    Needs the back closed in

    Jose Vargas

    Hey how can I get in contact whit these guys

    Cayden Warren

    New intro is absolute shit


    This is the future. Tomorrow is today, and today is yesterday. You heard me.


    This is more of a El Camino than a truck

    Gerard Wainwright

    God sent his son to die on the cross and bare the wrath we deserve so we could have eternal life…

    Please seek the Lord while he may be found…

    Hell is real and most people are headed there 😞

    jacob linn

    EV swap the Audi and keep the AWD…please!

    Tyler Kotkin

    Damn Vinny…so Kikawa leaves and you completely forget about him and his Model 3?

    Josh T

    Ev jet ski


    Need more trucklas it would be interesting to know if either of them knew of the other build. I don't think they did so were they both original ideas? Anywho I guess it's a case of the great minds think alike going around

    Johnny f150

    Ev swap shit cart and turner up to 11 🤟🤟🤟🤘🤘✊

    OutlawX r3b3l


    Aaron Green

    Do the electric Civic! You should really look at the videos of Arlins Electric CRX, he's using a Nissan Leaf motor with a custom inverter he built, and makes over 330 HP! That things crazy!!!

    j-theory the quantum mechanic


    James Hovey

    I'm sold on it as well I have the perfect car for this saving this video so I can contact him I would love to see what you guys would do

    Jamaican Johnny

    Tesla content starts @23:26


    "Rip the cats off these Bavarian cream puffs and BOMB ASS all the way to San Marcos."

    This is why Nads is amazing.


    23:25 is what you came for


    yes ev build something vw audi porshe maybe scottos audi lol

    Joshua Spencer

    Drive Train For Shyt Car.

    Alan Burggren

    do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

    Lack of Focus

    This is really cool.


    One of the things I'm most thankful for in life is to have been able to experience the magnificence of the internal combustion engine.

    Aaron Forward

    This was fun. I dont know how you guys managed to make 80's music and editing so cool but 👍

    496 or nothing

    No electric vehicles!!!!! Gas or diesel is the way to go!!!


    Amazed at the structural rigidity of that chopped off Teslamino
    And 5000 lbs of torque of the Tesla beemer
    The EVWEST dude should be president of GM



    The Tricky Memester

    Is no one going to address Nads titties?

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